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We at Pigment Color we have only one goal to give Color to your life with the best quality that market can offer. We import our goods from Greece, taking care to bring only the best quality painting materials for our costumers, in our store you can find the biggest names into the painting industries like: Benjamin Moore, Er-LAC, Vivechrom, Dulux Trade , Vechro, Kraft, Berling etc. The quality we offer the one that we import is certified by the “International Organization of Standartization” “EU Ecolabel“ and “ Environmental management System”. Bring Color to your life with Pigment Color.

Pigment Color is a new company operating recently on the Albanian market into the field of painting and decoration. Pigment Color is a project brought to life from a well-known Construction Engineer Mr.ErvinDERVISHI , operating on the construction industry since the early 2011. Since than he took part into some project as an investor and collaborator with some of most known companies on the construction field . Watching the Albanian market he thought to bring as a necessity construction and painting materials with the desire of bringing the best quality for the Albanian consummator, due to his ideology that Albania and Albanians deserve only the best. And for that reason Pigment Color was born making possible through our new brand name to bring the best brands Greece has to offer.

In general there exists a concept that says : “ If its qualitative it’s EXPENSIVE” Well we at Pigment Color took care about this too, we took care taking the risk to make a new revolutionary concept “ CHEAP equal QUALITATIVE” everyone deserves to take the best and we are here to fulfill this duty all range of Costumers can find their self in our store at the maximum of it’s quality.

The Service that we offer is Interior design, planning and application Painting and decorating your apartment, Villa, business through our best professional teams We offer our products at a wholesale as well as at a retail Transport of the goods inside and outside Tirana


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